Kafiya Meets the Moon Activity

Kafiya Meets the Moon Activity Age 5 – 9 ages old

What is storytelling?

Ask the students: What is a story? What is storytelling?
Answer: Storytelling is what it sounds like. The telling of stories. They have characters, pictures, images, sounds and they tell us something. It could be funny or we could learn something. Stories could be about anything.

Can you tell me who tells stories?
Answer: We all tell stories. Our parents, tell us stories when they read to us. Our teachers tell us stories when they read to us. As we get older we make friends and they tell us stories too.

Does anyone have a favourite story and can they tell me what it’s about?
One of the first stories we learn is a song. The Alphabet Song. It’s a quick and easy way to remember the alphabet.

Another example of a story is

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.

Read Kafiya Meets the Moon.


Did you like the story?
What was your favourite part?
Would you want to be friends with Kafiya?
Allow them to ask you questions.

Do you know what made Kafiya’s story possible? Imagination. That’s where stories come from. We look up at the moon and we wonder. What if I lived on the moon? What if it had a face? Imagination gives us everything: books, TV shows, even the jobs our parents have come from imagination. Someone imagined that job. Some imagined these desks, these chairs, this classroom so we could be here today. Your imagination is a wonderful place.

What are some of the things you imagine?
What do you imagine living on the moon would be like?


The Moon is 238,857 miles (384,403 kilometres) from the Earth. Travelling by Spacecraft from Earth to the Moon, how many days would it take us?

  1. 130 days
  2. 30 days

The surface area of the moon is about the same size as

  1. Canada and United States
  2. Canada, United States and Russia

In 1969 was the first time a person walked on the Moon. Who was that person?

  1. Neil Armstrong
  2. Pete Conrad
  3. Charles Duke

The Moon is not a light source… it does not make its own light. The Moon reflects lights from the

  1. Sun
  2. Star
  3. Earth


Question 1

130 days

Question 2

Canada, United States and Russia

Question 3

Neil Armstrong

Question 4


"Purpose Finds His Gift", comes packaged as a hardcover booklet and a lovingly crafted animation video of the complete story.

Imagination comes to life in "Kafiya", the story of a little girl fascinated with the moon.